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My Role: Artist, Executive producer, Creative Director, Writer, Video Editor, Sound editor

Director: Bailey Williams

Producer: Abdul Kassamali

Director of Photography: Justin Jeffers

Drone: Ethan Scoma

Colorist: Zack Hetlage

Set Design: Jessica García Campos Cendejas MUA: Emily Monico

Sound:Paco Sanchez 

PA: Wyatt Olson and Eurie Dessie

Flowers: Evelyn Sanford

Props: Jessie Brown

Music Produced by: Noah Coinflip

Concept:  During these times Love is a risk, especially black queer love. The love we feel with our partner, our family members, or even friends, can sometimes feel both euphoric and scary all at the same time. When everything is constantly at risk, how do we exist and or escape while keeping our love safe? Sometimes to be protected, we have to build our own world inside of all the chaos. “SADE TO INFINITY” aims to shed light on the world those of us black folk in the LGBTQ community must sometimes create in order to safely exist.

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