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Street Lights

My role: Writer, Director, Editor

Logline: On the eve of their HS graduation, a boy and his best friend, embark on a neighborhood journey to pay homage to all their favorite spots in their hometown. However with his mothers time constraint looming, can they have their adventure and both safely make it home before the streetlights come on?


Cedric - Tré Scott 

Boots - Shelby Poole 

Ma - Karen Thomas

Boy running - Tayvon Kincaid  Production

Director/Writer - LIVt

Producer - Abdul Kassamali Director of Photography - Avery Johnson 

1st AC - Sandra Garcia

Production Supervisor - Shiffite Awel 

Lead PA - Brea Wilson

PA - Myles Walker

Aki Fairbanks

 Audio Mixer - Lorenzo Rossi

Audio Assistant - Fransisco Sanchez

 Casting Director - LIVt

Casting Assistant - Randi Cerf

 BTS Photographer - Kyla Cantillo 

 Costumes - Ruby Meza 

 Make-up - Emily Monico

Post Production: Editor - LIVt

Colorist -Zachary Hetlage

Special Thanks: Eddie Bauer


OMG Food Mart

Karen Thomas

Jill Crisp

Tifa Tomb

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