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"Unbothered" Music Video

My role: Artist, Executive Producer, Video Editor 

Official music video for "Unbothered" By LIVt Produced by Shayhan From the EP "Black Girl Unbothered"

Director and Director of Photography: Justin Jeffers

Co-Director Abdul Kassamali

Colorist: Zack Hetlage

Writer: Keegan Hasai

Writer: Daniel Koroma

Set Decoration: Jalen Hill Production Photographer Anna Xu

Concept: An ode to black women's happiness captured in time, and how making the best of a bad situation is sometimes art imitating life. 

Worked with Displaced media to produce a music video for my song "Unbothered".  As executive producer I was in charge of keeping track of the budget and monetarily supporting the making of this film. 

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